About Us

How we started

Our journey began in 2009, the year where Batik Indonesia was officially recognised by UNESCO as one of the world's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.  The euphoria to celebrate the day, 2nd October, was palpable in the country and most people were encouraged to wear batik. Lo and behold, ensued a 2-week task to find modern and affordable batik pieces and it fell short. They were either too cheap and produced as souvenirs only, or came at high-end price tag (according to our standard =D). There was nothing in between.

The idea was then and there born to fill a gap and offer well-made, sleek pieces that are still wallet friendly, made with the extraordinary batik and tenun Indonesia.

Because extraordinary they are indeed.

The extraordinary Indonesian Batik and Tenun

Expertly crafted by hand-drawing (batik tulis) or stamping (batik cap) or weaving (tenun and lurik), each piece is meticulously made using skills that are passed down through generations.  They carry history, wishes and stories.

We then transform them into modern day pieces that are insanely beautiful and unapologetically cool, putting the extra in the 'ordinary'.


We believe that Indonesia is home to one of the most beautiful fashion in the world.  It is both our privilege and responsibility to preserve this rich cultural heritage.

We work directly with local artisans; the batik makers and tenun weavers, and make sure we pay them with fair value to contribute to this industry that was slowly dying.

We're also a strong believer in minimising waste and therefore most tenun items will be at pre-order basis (it takes 2 weeks to hand-weave each cloth then cut and sew).  This makes sure we don't overproduce but also importantly you can request customisation so that you really love what you get and can wear them for years to come.  This longevity, we believe, is the most sustainable form in fashion.